Dr. Matt - Back AdjustmentOur approach to adjustments has always been very hands on. We believe that the use of adjustment tools in lieu of the Doctor’s hands reduces the feedback the patient’s body tells us about their condition and issues they’re facing, ultimately slowing the recovery process.

Over time, we learn the tendencies and reactions of each of our patients bodies because of our hands on approach. Many times we uncover issues our patients couldn’t source or were unaware of because we could feel something different in their body as we adjusted them.

Since we have over 80 years experience between our Doctors, there are very few conditions that we haven’t helped.

Here is a short list that we help our patients with regularly. If you suffer from any of them right now, please do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with us right now. Waiting will only lengthen your recovery and could cause long term damage, too.

Sciatica: Many patients with sciatica (inflammation of the sciatic nerve in the lower back) are told by physicians that their only option is back surgery or never ending consumption of pain killers (which tax the kidneys heavily). As with nearly every musculo-skeletal condition, proper spinal alignment is the solution.

Whiplash: The classic injury from being rear-ended in a car has numerous symptoms, ranging from headaches to a stiff neck to tingling in the arms. The trauma caused from the accident is centered on the upper spine and without proper treatment, chronic neck pain and related symptoms can result the rest of the sufferer’s life. The sooner you get adjusted after an accident the better!

Back Spasms: When you “throw your back out”, you’re suffering from a misalignment of the spine and major strain on a number of the supporting muscles. The misalignment causes the spasms and limits your mobility, all causing significant pain in the process. The ultimate solution is to strengthen the supporting muscles over time, which we can show you how to do easily, while also getting the spasms under control with proper alignment.

Sprains: Ankles, knees and wrists are all fragile joints that take a heavy amount of use and when injured, can stay injured and cause chronic damage if not aligned quickly and correctly. Many ankle sprains can be recovered from in half the time they usually would with an adjustment and corrects any alignment issues.

Plantar Fasciitis: The lack of support in many shoes today (5-finger shoes and flip-flops, especially) causes too much strain to be put on our feet and results in damage to the surface layers of muscle and tissue, causing significant pain in the process. The trigger is a misalignment of the bones in the foot, typically the heel (calcaneous), and needs to be resolved before the healing process can begin.

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Dr. Matt has become my primary care doctor after solving numerous issues my regular doctor never could. Plus, with his treatments, I haven't needed to take antibiotics in years.
Joshua Long
Age 33
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