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I came to Dr. Curry because of some severe pain I had been experiencing. He diagnosed my problem right away and explained my diagnosis to me so that I understood my condition. After just a few visits, my pain became almost non-existent! To top it off, he is very personable and easy to talk with. I’m incredibly grateful to have found him.
Karen | 51

Dr. Matt has become our primary care doctor after solving numerous issues our regular doctor never could. He’s taken care of our three kids since the day they were born and solved issues with his hands that the Pediatrician wanted to use prescriptions for. My wife wishes she could keep him in her purse and pull him out whenever we need, but is grateful we can all see him so quickly.
Josh | 33

I never really understood the benefit of chiropractic care until going to the Curry’s. I began seeing Dr. Cyndy and Dr. Matt when I was pregnant. After my first visit with them, I had the best night of sleep EVER and I was pregnant! I slept beautifully all through my pregnancy as I saw the Curry’s consistently. I saw Dr. Cyndy when I was in very early stages of labor to make sure everything was in place. I was so relaxed when she finished that I thought I would be able to sleep.

Instead of sleep, my daughter was born in 45 minutes! It helps to have your hips and pelvis in place. In addition, I take my whole family consistently. My almost 3 and almost 5 year olds have never had ear infections, while my husband and I had tons as kids. I’ve gone in with flu symptoms that were gone when I left. I could go on and on. All of my kids love seeing Dr. Matt and now even pretend they ARE Dr. Matt and “work” on me. One of my favorite things about the Curry’s is the time they take with their patients. They spend a lot of time massaging to warm up your muscles so there is less need for major popping and cracking.
Marcy | 33

I am a believer! My friend referred me to Curry Chiropractic because I was in severe neck pain. I was also having hip pain. Dr. Curry was able to help me feel better immediately and make sure I stayed feeling good. Thank you, Curry Chiropractic.

Stephanie | 41


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Dr. Matt has become my primary care doctor after solving numerous issues my regular doctor never could. Plus, with his treatments, I haven't needed to take antibiotics in years.
Joshua Long
Age 33
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